Starting over

Every now and then you just want to start over, in current context, it happens to be with this blog. It was long due anyway, and well it feels awesome to start all over again, it sure does.

There are several contributing factors why I wanted this blog to be resurrected. I wanted to get rid of the wordpress blog and was feeling a little suffocated with my previous web hosting., these guys are amazing with what they offer, but I wanted to feel more like a free-bird.

So here's what I have managed to put up, built a customized blog engine on awesome node.js, powered by libgit2, markdown, and many awesome npm goodies.

I can't wait to push this update out, so will add more details later. I have few exciting experiments lined up for the blog, so stay tuned.


Vinayak Mishra

Vinayak Mishra, a Cricket Enthusiast with keen interest in web and mobile applications. Hails from Mithila, Nepal, married to Rani and dad to his bundle of joy Bunu. Lives in New Delhi, India. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his website,