Just another brick in the Wall

The feeling of being trapped and suffocated by the constraints of society, and the desire to break free and be one's own person.

Just another brick in the wall

I'm tired of being just another brick in the wall,
A tiny cog in a massive machine,
A faceless name among countless others,
No identity, no purpose, no dream.

I want to break free from the constraints
That bind me to this monotonous life,
To soar like a bird on the wind,
And discover my true worth and potential.

But the walls around me are tall and strong,
And the chains that hold me are heavy and tight,
It seems impossible to escape
This mundane existence, day in and day out.

Yet I know deep down in my soul
That I was meant for more than this,
I will not be held down forever,
I will break free and claim my rightful place.

So I will keep pushing and fighting,
And refuse to be just another brick in the wall,
I will rise up and break the chains,
And become the person I was meant to be, standing tall.


Vinayak Mishra

Vinayak Mishra, a Cricket Enthusiast with keen interest in web and mobile applications. Hails from Mithila, Nepal, married to Rani and dad to his bundle of joy Bunu. Lives in New Delhi, India. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his website, vnykmshr.com.