Rare pictures of Hyderabad

A fascinating glimpse of Hyderabad, India, famous for its embroideries, animals and lacquers.

Rare Pictures of Hyderabad

More amazing and rare pictures of Hyderabad

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I stumbled onto these amazing photos of Hyderabad taken a few decades ago. Its interesting to see Hyderabad's Grandeur through these pictures. They are indeed very very rare pictures of Hyderabad during Nizam period. Most of the monuments are perished by now at least pictures like these makes our history alive.

I haven't been to many of these sites even after staying in Hyderabad for more than two years. That's a sad fact to admit, but never too late to go out and re-live a part of the history witnessing whatever remains from the historic times. I am game for making a few trips.

Will make sure I capture some of the moments from my trips to share with you.


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